Donate Back

We are excited to announce a new offering from VybeRent - "Donate Back"!

Do you have an outfit that you have only worn once or twice and won’t wear again? Now you can donate your clothes to free up a little more space in your closet! VybeRent will display the outfit on VybeRent’s site for customers to rent or buy, and 10% of the proceeds will be donated to charitable organizations with which we have partnered.
Reach out to to provide details of the outfit you wish to donate using these requirements:


  • Must be a South Asian formal outfit (lehenga, saree, formal, sherwani, waistcoat with shalwar/pajama, prince coat) that can be worn by any guest attending a wedding or formal event, including bridal/groom parties. No bridal or groom clothing will be accepted.
  • Must only be worn lightly with no stains, no missing beads/sequins, no missing pieces, no holes, etc.
  • You must be located in the United States.
  • When reaching out to, please provide this information:
  1. Type of outfit (lehenga, saree, formal, sherwani, waistcoat, prince coat) - For sherwanis and prince coats, a pant must be included; For waistcoats, a shalwar top and pajama must be included.
  2. Size (check our size chart to determine correct size)
  3. Name of designer who designed the outfit
  4. Retail price of the outfit (what you originally paid for the garment) – we will only accept outfits costing $1500 or less
  5. The number of times it has been worn
  6. Where you are located
  7. Pictures of the garment – front and back