About Us

Our Mission

VybeRent is a virtual e-commerce platform providing American consumers with a diverse supply of South Asian designer clothing for rent – ranging from women’s sarees and lehengas, to men’s waistcoats and sherwanis. Designed to exemplify the modern, but cultural styles of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, VybeRent caters to all partners, promoting the beautiful clothing styles of our designers while offering affordable rental rates to our consumers.

Obtaining special attire for an event or wedding should not require expensive travel to conventions or tiresome searches at boutiques. Our platform displays popular and up-and-coming designer clothing with options to rent and purchase in a cost-effective and digitally-adaptive way. Now you can confidently flaunt the latest designer trends at your next event, while we make it easier to bring South Asia’s beautiful culture to you.

Core Values 


VybeRent was designed with affordability in mind. We pride ourselves in providing cost effective options through rentals, allowing you to obtain unique outfits at a reasonable price.


We want to make it as easy as possible to understand the color, sizing, material, and make-up of the outfit you're choosing to rent or purchase. You should know what you're signing up for. 


We intend for our clothes to be delivered on-time and in excellent condition, every time. Let us do the work so you're given all the clothes and tools you need to look great at your next event.


We care about highlighting all the beautiful people who wear our clothes. The models used for VybeRent are people just like you - exemplifying a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Founder's Note

As a Pakistani-American, I’ve struggled firsthand in finding and obtaining the perfect outfit for a South Asian event. The most fashionable clothes were never affordable, and clothing that was affordable often wasn’t tailored properly to my needs. When I reached my late 20s and the number of 3-4 day wedding events exponentially increased, I ran out of outfits to wear or re-wear and needed a better solution.
Clothing has and continues to be a large source of confidence and self-expression. I started VybeRent to bring the beautiful, well-crafted South Asian designer clothing to American consumers at an affordable rate. Our platform allows you to look and feel your best, without breaking the bank.

– Sara Kalwar